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The changes will be synchronized both ways, so there is no need to re-enter the same events twice. Add contact synchronization to the settings and all your Outlook contacts will be synchronized with your i Phone.Have all your contacts wherever you are - reach all the people you need no matter if you are at your desktop, or using your i Phone on the run.

Reach your email, contacts and calendars no matter where you are.If the events you created failed to get synced across your devices, in this case, the Apple Watch, here’s something you can do.The key takeaway from this problem is that when too many events are being loaded at once, the Calendar app will be forced to stop adding new data. Making sure that the following features are enabled will get your Calendar to show the correct date and time.I used Outlook to run my life for almost a decade, and the majority of the training I do is still using Outlook as the support tool.I also show you in my book how to adapt to Outlook my Empowered Productivity System for managing the details of your life and work.All the changes you make in your mailbox (no matter if it is on your desktop or i OS device) are instantly synchronized.


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